Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A Veronika Carnaby Original

Tangled trees to the backdrop of bare blue - under rays of golden light – an empty field of yellow blades of grass dances under the direction of the wind – zooming on the one-lane and passing by a forties jalopy on the side of the road – its rims emblazed by rust and nostalgic simplicity of a time of hitchhiking with hair slicked back & gin stench & loose and mad and carefree and hungry – A sign hangs on its rear window: “For sale, $9000” – But can you really put a price on times of struggle & journey & enlightenment? When the youth the innocence and the naivete took us to places unknown? Where have the times gone they ask without realizing they’ve never left. Still we’re there while we’re here wallowing in the spirit of youth of newness and discovery of zest and lust of awes and flaws of flows and ebbs – Look inside and you will see – It’s still all around – with the jalopy & at the nearby farm where Winston hog and green herb live in harmony – at the local Carnaby where flared apparel and colorful & psychedelic patterns dominate – where revisited rhythms and rhymes reverberate through radios – when mingling is joined by an air of excitement & “what’s next” & troublemaking and lawbreaking – Look inside and you will see the present a reflection of the past in all its glory all its truth – It has is and always will be.

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  1. Very lovely, Veronika! Nice rhythmic flow, alliteration, and evocative imagery. You've inspired me to get back to my writing! Jo Hinkle @JoHinkle