Sunday, July 8, 2012

Who Knows

A Veronika Carnaby Original

#Tonight she'll leave her 9 to 5
Shoulders slumped and
Arms a-hangin'
Stroll into her second job
A burger joint for
Pattie slangin'
Her feet they throb
The pain of sorrow
How will she make it
'til tomorrow
Can she keep up
 Nobody knows tonight
#Tonight he's working' overtime
Drivin' folk
Through broken streets
And when he's done
He asks for more don't
matter if he's beat
His crooked fingers
Grasp the money
That he will bring
His darlin' honey
Is it enough
Nobody knows tonight
#Tomorrow they will wake up
Start all over and
That the new light brings
A new day and that all of this
Will end
Hope lives on but
It will beckon
Sooner  than they'd like or
When will It change
Nobody knows tonight


  1. I enjoyed this piece very much Veronika. It's very real and truthful. Nice.

  2. Thought provoking and refreshingly honest in style.