Monday, August 27, 2012

News-- Veronika Carnaby Attends Hamptons Awards, to be Featured in Dan's Papers Literary Journal

"After a successful weekend at the Hamptons, I'm proud to announce an upcoming feature in Dan's Papers Literary Journal." - Veronika Carnaby

On August 25th, Veronika Carnaby attended an awards ceremony for the first annual 2012 Literary Prize for Nonfiction, presented by Long Island's largest circulated newspaper, Dan's Papers, in East Hampton's Guild Hall. The event was attended by some of literature's most notable figures, including Dan's Papers President, Dan Rattiner, Chairman of Barnes & Noble, Len Riggio, celebrated journalist and biographer, Robert Caro, and Emmy Award winning news commentator, Pia Lindstrom. During his opening remarks, Dan Rattiner announced the inclusion of Carnaby's piece, "Long Island Wayfarers", in the fall 2012 issue of Dan's Papers Literary Journal.

"I'd like to congratulate all those who participated in this year's contest and to everyone in Dan's Papers who made this possible," Carnaby spoke in light of the recent events.

Stay tuned for more event info and photos.

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