Friday, January 4, 2013

News -- Veronika Carnaby Announces New Book In the Works

Four months following the release of her debut novel, Bohemia, Veronika Carnaby announced a follow-up in the works. The author remains mum on its subject matter, title, and release date, but maintains that her next novel will take on an entirely different flavor.

In a recent statement, she noted, "Though I can't disclose too much just yet, I can confirm that I've been hard at work on an upcoming novel. It'll fall under the genres of action/adventure, historical, and maybe even crime." Further details imminent.

Track Veronika's progress with her Friday installment, "Veronika's Pick of the Week", in which she will feature an artistic work that, for the current week, has provided influence and inspiration during the writing process. The installment will be featured on the author's official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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